Sunday, September 2, 2007

These following posts are short plays based on a visit to ICR museum. Some of this is true. Most of it is a lie. However can you guess which is which.


Creationist 1: The tour guide. Middle aged and balding.
Creationist 2: Heavy set middle aged woman. White, so very white.
Creationist 3: To protect the innocent I will not use his real name, so I will just call him by a randomly selected codeword: "Ignorant." (For a physical description of him, just find your nearest Abercrombie and Fitch catalog and turn to the idiot page.)
Creationist 4: The only accurate description I can give is an African American version Kirk Cameron.

Evilutionist: Tall (relative), hairy dwarf who hasn't slept well in a month, who also happens to have a very fine ass. But recently informed that he has hobbit feet. Evilutionist's Girl Friend: Hot.

Part I

Creationist 1: "You know up in Montana they found a discovery that blows evolution clear out of the water. There was this Tyrannosaurus...... one of the largest found today. But there was nothing too exciting about it until they cracked open one of the leg bones. Guess what they found?"

Evilutionist (thought): Jesus?

Creationist 1: "They found soft flexible tissue, fresh blood so to say. These bones just litter the ground on the North slope in Alaska. When the godless evolutions cracked the bone and it started to bleed. Now, it doesn't take a genius to realize that this bone couldn't have been millions of years old. I mean how can a bone billions and billions of years old still have fresh blood?”

Evilutionist: “Do you have any proof that of this fresh blood?”

Creationist 1: “This made the CNN and all the other big media, before the evolutionists covered it up. There even were a couple of papers published about the blood. But those godless atheist are not going to talked about it. ‘Cause they know that this evidence supports creation and not the millions and billions of years of evolution. This is some of the best evidence that exists for a global flood and rapid burial.”

Evilutionist: "I have a question. Did you read the paper? The authors state that in no way did they find fresh blood. They found fossil traces of fossilized remnants of what appears to be veins and blood cells."

Creationist 1: "I'm not going to get nit-picky."

Evilutionist: "But they didn't find fresh blood."

Creationist 1: "This isn't a debate forum. I could spend hours explaining where you are wrong."

Creationist 2 (Given the evilutionist an evil eye): "None of us are scientists. We just came here to learn, so stop asking questions."

Evilutionist: "But they didn't find fresh blood, or soft tissues!"

Creationist 1: “I don’t need to go into specifics here. I just need to tell you that you are wrong.”

Evilutionist: “But your entire case is built on evidence that doesn’t exists.”

Creationist 1: “Wither or not the fresh dinosaur blood exists is besides the point. What really matters is do you love Jesus, and hate the devil, or do you love the devil and believe we are monkey people?”

Evilutionist: "But they didn't find fresh blood, or soft tissues!"

Creationist 1: *sigh* "I'll give you that. But it still is some of the best evidence for creation science we have.

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