Sunday, September 2, 2007

Part V.

Creationist 1: Did you know that evolution is the root of all evils? It is the sole cause of communism, socialism, fascism, authoritianism, Nazisism, Anarchism, oligarchism, Hinduism, Naturalism, Humanism, Transcendentalism, New-Agism, Drug-usism, Cronyism, Pronographism, and Bestialitism.

Evilutionist: Damn you fool!! You have discovered the hundred and fifty year plot, to make beastiality legal through informed debate over the fossil record!

Creationist 1: I knew this day would come.

Evilutionist: *Horns sprout, and his eyes become as red as blood. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a baby and bites its head off.*

Creationist 1: Removes his masks, and reveals his true identity: Charleton Heston. "Now, I'll send you hell spawn back to the Godless planet of the ape-men that I, Moses, so heroically escaped from!"

Evilutionist: (Hissing with a snakes tongue) "You'll never stop me and my Anti-American-Apple-Pie-Pro-Sodomy-new-age-ism agenda!"

Chaleton Heston: Pulls out a loaded .44 bible. "See you in hell..... from Heaven." Then blows away the evilutionist, unicorn and the Pillsbury doughboy straight to hell, the moron

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