Sunday, September 2, 2007

Part III. This part takes place in the middle of a conversation about, well I don't know what it was about. The conversation never stayed on a single topic for more than two sentences.

Evilutionist: Creationism goes against everything we know about how the physi......

Ignorant: Well our very existence breaks the laws of physics. How can the neutrons of the atom be held together if opposite charges repel each other?

Evilutionist: It's called the strong atomic force. It's one of the fundamental forces in the.......

Black Kirk Cameron: Do you believe that lying and killing are wrong? All societies believe that.

Evilutionist's girl friend: I believe that justifying ones faith by.......

Ignorant: Our atoms should just be flying apart! Science can't explain it. Science claims to have the answers, but these are all just theisms. They have no proof.

Evilutionist: The strong atomic force holds the atom together. It along with the electromagnetic force, weak atomic force and gravity are the four.........

Ignorant: Well those are just theories. They put human feet on a monkey.

Evilutionist: "Let me explain how using evolution based theories one can reconstruct.....

Black Kirk Cameron: "Do you believe that Jesus walked on water, or turned water into wine?"

Evilutionist's girl friend: "Those would be miracles--a supernatural manifestation of God! Any attempt at scientifically explaining that would be inherently wrong. But that is what creationism is attempting to........."

Ignorant: "Cambrian explosion. Science can't explain the Cambrian explosion!"

Evilutionist: "Well, let’s talk about the Cambrian explosion then, and why the creationist account .....

Ignorant: "Evolution is the foundation of Nazism and Communism."

(At this point the evilutionist simply catches on fire.)

Ignorant: (To Evilutionist's girlfriend about the now burning evilutionist) "He seems jumpy and condescending."

Evilutionist's girl friend: "Well, you never let him finish a sent......"

Ignorant:"Evolution is just another religion. We didn't come from rocks."

Again, by the power vested in the Pillsbury Doughboy and his trusty unicorn, Rainbow, the evilutionist is saved, and is even more of a golden toasted color.

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