Sunday, September 2, 2007

Part IV

Evilutionist: "Can you give me one example were you think evolutionists are lying to you?"

Black Kirk Cameron: "Do you believe that lying is wrong? Do you believe that killing is wrong? Do you believe in the bible?"

Evilutionist: "What I believe about lying is irrelevant to the topic. I'm saying that creationism and this museum are spreading false information. Again, I'll ask you: What specifically about evolution do you believe is factually incorrect."

Black Kirk Cameron: "I don't come from a monkey!"

Evilutionist: "Well, that's correct. You're an ape. You have no tail, and you've got fingernails, and nipples on your chest. And evolution says you evolved from a common ancestor, not from modern primates. That's why you share these traits with other apes. So what facts can you use to support creationism?"

Black Kirk Cameron: "I’m done talking about that. Do you believe lying is wrong?"

*Evilutionist picks up tiny model dinosaurs and calmly grinds out his own eyes.*

Black Kirk Cameron: "Where do you think you'll go when you die, heaven or hell?"

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