Monday, October 29, 2007

The sure fire way to get rid of ghosts.

It’s Halloween again; time to dope up little kids on sugar. Why not start the diabetes young? Has eating a few pounds of candy corn ever hurt anyone? (The answer is yes)

It’s also time for ghost stories and for haunted houses. Personally, I am a big fan of haunted houses and ghost stories. Give me a story about a legless axe murder around a camp fire any night. But that is all they are amusement and stories, and nothing more.

However, some people believe in real haunted houses. On CNN’s website, it gives helpful hints on what to do if you house is haunted. The first and most important, is that if you hear weird sounds, look for natural causes first. Then the advice goes down hill from there. "Get ghost hunter to investigate," but " Avoid those who dabble in magic or offer 'magical cleansing'" Also get a reliable "either a professional medium, psychic, or someone who is sensitive to spirits." The word oxymoron pops into mind. Although, it could be ghosts putting those thoughts into my mind.

But CNN does not go far enough with the advise. What can you do for those really tricky ghosts . Since physics are phony, mediums are mediocre and ghost hunters are delusional, there is only one time tested method of getting rid of unwanted ghosts. You simply need to burn the house down. The house can not be haunted if it isn’t a house anymore. Has anyone heard of a haunted pile of ash? No more unexplained creaking sounds. No more cold drafts. Can a physic enter the basement and tell you that a horrible murder has taken place, if there is no basement? Of course not.

Yes, while the Ghost busters could bust a ghost even if they tired, a little be of gasoline and a match while cure any house of its hauntings.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Logic and Atheism

I've read and seen in a few places the following statement. Naturalist believe in only things that the can touched, seen or smelt. Logic can not be touch seen or smelt, therefor naturalist can not use logic.

What a load of crap. First of all logic is based on real world observations. Whether it is used to study arguments and states or the foundation of math. Logic and symbolic logic such as math are just ways in which humans use to interpret the world around us.

When we state that a=a, we don't do that because logic dictates it. We say it because the accumulation of observations have shown a = a. We use logic as a short hand to understand things we have observed thousands of times. It is universal, because something equaling itself, is independent of human observation. Just like in all cultures, 1 + 1 = 2. We don't need the hand of God to insure that a = a.

Also informal logic is just the study of arguments. Once again this is based on observation. We know that an Ad populum argument is a fallacy, because we can find cases were the majority have been wrong. Once again, these conclusions are universal. Again there is no need for the supernatural.

Athiest, Naturalist and or whatever you want to call them do limit themselves to saying that material events have material causes. It does not exclude interpeting said events using human constructs, such as logic. It just implies that the human constructs don't actually affect the physical world. Has logic ever moved a mountain?

Friday, October 19, 2007

The sky is falling. Dirty Commies

Fox News is the Chicken Little of conservative news. Tonight in Georgetown, there were protests against IMF. If you were to listen and watch the local fox news you would think that all hell is breaking lose. The “Chaos on the Street.” “Two groups of protesters, one peaceful and one violent.” , “IMF protest turns violent.”

To recap the whole story, the group of protesters marched in Georgetown. At one intersection, two windows were broken and a brick was thrown and unfortunately hit a woman. That’s it. A peaceful protest, but a couple of yahoos break a couple of windows, and a woman gets injured. The protest continued peacefully. When police officers decide to break up the protest, they did so peacefully.

But the Fox reporter kept talking about the violence and the chaos. It was unreal. At one point in time, the reporter was talking about how the protesters were taking advantage of the police, and on the bottom of the screen there was the words “Chaos on the Street.” But the live video was of a bunch of cops standing around. Not one protester was in the picture. Not one of the cops in the picture looked threatened. They were just milling around, doing nothing and looking all bored. They were cops in desperate need of donuts. It was so violent there that "Dozens of tourists are hanging out in the area, watching the workers board up store windows and asking when the protesters will arrive."

Oh well, I wonder, if the true violence was perpetrated by one of the 150 lesbian gangs in the D.C. area.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

There was a very good reason why I had to stab the nun.

I love George W. Bush. I really love him. He amazes me every time. I love low expectations. And, Baby, does he deliver. However, as sub par as he is in nearly every field, there is a field that he excels in -- being a hypocritical asshole. Every time I think the chimp-in-chief can't do anything more assholish, he surprises me yet again. This time he vetoed "The Support for Injured Servicemembers Act" and "The Military Family Job Protection Act." This comes from a man who thinks that name calling a four star general hurts the moral of the troops. Well, I know you can kiss your job good-bye as I extend you're stay in Iraq by three months. But look on the bright side, we got them good for calling general Petraeus names.

When I saw that he vetoed both bills, all I could say was "What an asshole! I don't think he can out do himself now!"

Oh, boy was I wrong. You see the real reason he vetoed the bill was no because he hates the troops. It wasn't because he just felt like being a dick. He vetoed the bill because it contained health insurance for poor children. That right, the commander and chief spit on the troops, just so that he could shit on the children. Next we'll catch him jacking off in the apple pie.

Evilution: Mr. President, why did you stab the nun in the back?

Mr. President: That's simplified answer, I had gots too.

Evilution: Huh?!! Why did you have too stab the nun?!

Mr. President: Well she was protectifying the orphan I want to shot in the face!

Evilution: That's the most evil thing I've ever heard of.

Mr. President (Eying a child holding a lollipop in a stroller): Look, a childrens with a lollipop!

Evilution: Don't tell me you're going to steal that baby's candy.

Mr. President: No, no, stealing are unmoral. I'm going to push the stroller down that hill over yonder. If the baby happens to drops the lolli then so be it.

Evilution: Jesus Chirst!! You're insane.

Mr. President (Angry):How dare you take the name of the lord in vain. You unmoral atheist. You must really hate the troops and America.

At this point the Evilutionist turns around and looks back at his once great country and turns into a pillar of salt.