Friday, October 19, 2007

The sky is falling. Dirty Commies

Fox News is the Chicken Little of conservative news. Tonight in Georgetown, there were protests against IMF. If you were to listen and watch the local fox news you would think that all hell is breaking lose. The “Chaos on the Street.” “Two groups of protesters, one peaceful and one violent.” , “IMF protest turns violent.”

To recap the whole story, the group of protesters marched in Georgetown. At one intersection, two windows were broken and a brick was thrown and unfortunately hit a woman. That’s it. A peaceful protest, but a couple of yahoos break a couple of windows, and a woman gets injured. The protest continued peacefully. When police officers decide to break up the protest, they did so peacefully.

But the Fox reporter kept talking about the violence and the chaos. It was unreal. At one point in time, the reporter was talking about how the protesters were taking advantage of the police, and on the bottom of the screen there was the words “Chaos on the Street.” But the live video was of a bunch of cops standing around. Not one protester was in the picture. Not one of the cops in the picture looked threatened. They were just milling around, doing nothing and looking all bored. They were cops in desperate need of donuts. It was so violent there that "Dozens of tourists are hanging out in the area, watching the workers board up store windows and asking when the protesters will arrive."

Oh well, I wonder, if the true violence was perpetrated by one of the 150 lesbian gangs in the D.C. area.

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